Gráinne Úaile Sub Aqua Club
Barnadearg, Ballina, Co. Mayo



Welcome to Gráinne Úaile Sub Aqua Club

We are a Mayo based sports diving club, affiliated to C.F.T. (Comhairle F Thuinn), otherwise known as the Irish Underwater Council. C.F.T. is itself affiliated to C. M. A. S. (The World Diving Federation) which was originally founded by the likes of the legendary Jacques Cousteau. The club has been in existence since 1981 and was originally based in the Castlebar/Westport area.

Over the years the membership broadened to a countywide base and indeed the emphasis in the membership strengthened in the North Mayo region around Ballina, where most of the diving took place. Now, however, we have reached a balance of a truly countywide organisation with members in Ballina, Castlebar, Crossmolina, Kilalla, Swinford, The Neale and Newport. There are presently 50 members and we have approx 60% male and 40% female members.  The club recruits new members annually and trains them to the highest standards, following all of the rules and guidelines of  C.F.T.  

Diving Season is Open

With a cool start to the year we have finally started our snorkels, but make sure you have your "3 green lights" and your memebership paid before you can dive with the Club.

News updates

  • New pics added to our gallary page, also please check out this video taken last summer. These are all sites our club dive on a weekly basis - Thanks to Oliver Buckley for taking this video!
  • New members welcome - our training course has already started but if you already have a diving qualification and are interested in joining please contact us!
  • For the new season make sure you have your gear in service and ready for the open water
  • Club website and Facebook Page, we have tried to make it easy for visitors to our site to find what they want and to get all the information you need. If you have any feedback on our site we would love to hear from you. Please send your comments using the form on the Contact page. You can also find us on Facebook -
  • See our Club News section for more details on these items and much more